Trend Micro



Trend Micro, a leading global cybersecurity company, is dedicated to making the digital world safer for information exchange. Previously partnered with a major global ad agency, the company decided to work with Green Tea for all its U.S. and international print advertising campaigns, realizing a savings of $2 million annually. The results:

  • 14,000 SMB and consumer leads
  • #1 in IT Week’s Advertising Recall and Impact readership study
  • An increase in awareness of 40% in Germany and 50% in the US over 18 months
  • Increased brand valuation by over 30% in one year to $900 million.
Collateral, Packaging, Interactive Demos, Tradeshow, Online Advertising, Print Advertising

Enterprise Ad Campaign

Reseller Ad Campaign

SMB Ad Campaign

International Ad Campaigns

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