Sencha Naturals


Green Tea Designs Green Tea Mints

Sencha and Green Tea formed a relationship after a serendipitous crossing of paths at the SF Fancy Food Show. Due to our company name listed on our name badges, founder David Kerdoon wondered if we were in the same business. A decade later, we’re still creating award-winning marketing materials for Sencha.

Green Tea gets an A for Green Tea + C

Sencha Naturals launched Green Tea + C as a natural daily wellness drink. Striving to be a more healthful alternative to products like EmergenC that contain synthetic vitamins and loads of sugar, Green Tea + C needed to look fresh yet powerful while touting its whole food ingredients. The Specialty Food Association honored the product with Sofi Award nomination in the Outstanding Diet or Lifestyle category, which is equivalent to an Academy Award in the food world. Bravo!

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